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Clover Hill is one of Australia’s principal chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier cuvées. In 1986, on the site of an old dairy farm in north-east Tasmania, the magnificent Clover Hill Vineyard was established by the Goelet family. Their aim was, and still is, to produce superb sparkling wine using traditional French methodology. Since its debut vintage in 1991, Clover Hill has gained a reputation for its uncompromising quality, its elegance and finesse, and its distinguished Tasmanian style.


Since its premier vintage in 1991, Clover Hill has been crafted using méthode traditionnelle to produce its elegant and complex wine style.
Méthode traditionnelle is a highly specialised process and requires considerable expertise. After vintage, the grapes are gently whole-bunched pressed. The wine is then fermented in separate batches and then bottled along with yeast and a small amount of sugar (tirage). The wine is bottle-matured on lees for a minimum of three years. During maturation the bottle is riddled – gradually rotated – so that the lees eventually settle in the neck of the bottle.The neck is then frozen, and the lees removed (dégorgement).Immediately after disgorging, but before corking, the wine is finished with liqueur d’expédition, a practice that is known as dosage.In this final stage, the winemakers use selected reserve wines aged inFrench oak foudres to capture the unique style that is Clover Hill.

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