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Est. 1975

Tasmanian origins

The original Heemskerk vineyard was developed by Graham Wiltshire in 1975 with partners Bill Fesq, a Sydney wine merchant and Colin Haselgrove from Reynella Wines. The trio recognised the potential of the Tasmanian wine industry early in the piece.

The revival of Heemskerk

Since its inception in the seventies, Heemskerk has had a number of ownership changes. It was Tasmanian native, Anna Pooley, who became our winemaker between 2009 to 2012 and whose passion and vision for her island home saw the potential of Heemskerk realised and the return to its former glory.

Heemskerk today

Heemskerk continues to capture the integrity and purity of Tasmanian terroir. Our viticulturist Jamie Hewet works tirelessly to ensure we capture the best Tasmanian fruit and the winemaking team employs new world winemaking techniques with old-world influences to produce outstanding examples of the varieties that fare best in this region.


Heemskerk has used the finest hand-picked fruit from the Coal River Valley in Southern Tasmania to make this sparkling wine. Taking advantage of Coal River Valley’s famous reputation for producing pristine cool climate fruit, Heemskerk has strived to capture the integrity and purity of the unique terroir in this sparkling wine. The flavours of Pinot Noir and the intense structure of Chardonnay are intricately interwoven to produce a wine of incredible elegance and persistence.

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