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Est. 1994

Tamar Ridge Wines was developed by Tasmanian businessman Josef Chromy .  The vineyard at Kayena was established in 1994 and retained by Joe after his sale of the Heemskerk Wine Group in February 1998.   At that time twenty two hectares were under vine but there was no winery and no winemaker.  Expansion plans were drawn up which included the construction of a 500 tonne winery.  In the interim , Bert and Anne Sundstrup from Dalrymple at Pipers Brook leased space in their winery and winemaker Julian Alcorso was appointed in time for the 1998 vintage.  The new winery was opened just in time for the 1999 vintage. A major expansion program was planned . (Tamar Taster, News from Tamar Ridge Wines – Vol 1. No. 1 November 1999)


Tasmania continues to grow in reputation as the home of Australia’s leading sparkling wines. This wine has been grown in Tamar Ridge Kayena vineyards and made, bottled and aged in our Tamar Valley winery.

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