Sparkling Spring: Gala Estate

Grainne Greenhill and her family at Gala Estate

We here at Vintage Tasmania are celebrating Sparkling Spring! There are a dozen bottles of Tasmanian sparkling wine produced by small, and often family, businesses in our competition case. Each week we are going to meet the faces behind the fizz. This week, we have Grainne Greenhill from Gala Estate Vineyards. Here’s your chance too know co-owner Grainne, a little better.

Where is your favourite place in Tasmania to drink bubbles?

I love to drink bubbles when we are on the boat  around Schouten Island and Wine Glass Bay

Where is your favourite ‘close to home’ escape?

Schouten Island, Adam I got engaged on top of Bear Mountain on the Island.

What do you cook when you want to show off your sparkling wine at home?

Adam and our son Auley dive for crayfish so I love to pair with Crayfish, with a simple lemon butter sauce. Home baked bread and a green salad..

Who would you like to share a bottle of your sparkling wine with and why?

My mum and my sisters. Sparkling to me is our birthday celebration drink. It unites us in our shared experience of becoming mothers and that amazing journey through life.

What is your favourite thing about Spring in Tasmania?

Spring lambs, we bottle-fed the orphan lambs and are constantly trying to chase them out of the house. At the moment we also have 36 spring chicks, 4 Smithfield puppies, Peggy the piglet, and lots of little lambs.

What has been your most unexpected Tasmanian discovery?

How many places we have that are stunningly beautiful and we often can have them all to ourselves. Heavenly

Who makes the best bubbles in Tasmania (apart from you!)

Claudio Radenti

Gala Estate