Derwent Valley

ChardThin0202wDerwent Estate

Located at 42 degrees south latitude this is genuine Cool climate Viticulture. Tasmania is rapidly gaining a reputation as Australia’s premier Pinot Noir, Riesling and Sparkling wine producing area. When we say family operated – that’s exactly what we mean, with 3  generations of family members currently involved in the business. Planted on the historic Mt Nassau property which has been in the current owner’s family since 1913, Derwent Estate Wines was part of the diversification program. The property has seen a vast array of ventures over the last 100 years or so including Sheep, Cattle, Vegetable production, seed crops, poppies, quarrying and the production of lime. Viticulture is the next exciting phase in the history of Mt Nassau.


Moorilla was founded by Claudio Alcorso, an Italian textile merchant, in 1947. In 1958 – ignoring advice that the site was better suited to fruit trees – Alcorso and his family trialled 90 Riesling cuttings on the site, sourced from David Wynn’s South Australian vineyard. In 1962 the vines produced their first yield, which was handpicked and wild fermented to become the first ever Moorilla vintage. Until the sale of the site to David Walsh in 1995, the Alcorsos worked tirelessly to establish Moorilla as a leader in the cool climate wine industry – later acquiring a second vineyard, St. Matthias, on the banks of Launceston’s Tamar River.



Stefano Lubiana

When fifth-generation winemaker Steve Lubiana arrived in 1990, he saw not only what was, but what could be. Today, he and Monique continue their passion: the creation of unique, handcrafted Tasmanian wines.



20 minutes-from Hobart 

2 hours-from Launceston 

3hours 40 minutes-from Strahan 


Need a break from wine?

MONA– If you’re the sensitive sort, MONA might not be for you. David Walsh has created an eye-opening and mind broadening extravaganza. Miss it at your peril….

GASP If MONA is a step too far then the Glenorchy Art & Sculpture Park is the perfect antidote to having your senses challenged. Birdwatching, cycling, family barbecue and perusing the ever-changing art is a far gentler way to spend a few hours around the Derwent.

Nant Distillery- It’s not wine but you will still need to take a driver to visit the Nant distillery at Bothwell. Incredible whisky and a cheeky little restaurant full of Tasmanian produce, this is well worth taking the drive out of town for.

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